Christians urged to show compassion to all

Apostle James Tetteh, Area Head for Sekondi Church of Pentecost, has implored Christians to show compassion towards one another.

He said compassion was key to retain the souls won for God so that they could be rooted in the faith and remained in the church.

He defined compassion as having great feeling for another, and said compassion was greater than sympathy and empathy.

Apostle Tetteh made the call in a sermon at the Pentecost International Worship Center (PIWC), Takoradi during the climax of the Global celebration of the Pentecost Men’s Ministry (PEMEM) Week.

He was speaking on the topic, ‘Men Unleashed With Compassion To Transform Their World.’

According to him, ‘compassion is driven by love and that once you begin to love and feel for a person, you will be compassionate.’

‘If we are compassionate, we will move to action to lessen their sufferings,’ he emphasized.

He added that, ‘Compassion goes beyond the self. Compassion is the heartbeat of God. The Holy Spirit enjoin us to demonstrate love and
joy and so we must strive to be compassionate towards one another.’

Apostle Tetteh enlightened that compassion brought down the presence of God to liberate His people hence, the need to show it.

He shared a summary of how Jesus Christ demonstrated compassion in lifting burdens and sufferings people.

Giving the stages in showing compassion according to the scriptures, he said compassion would make one to notice the problem others faced.

‘Once will begin to feel for the person going through the problem and then respond to the person’s problem to reduce the suffering.’

He said, ‘compassion leads to alternatives and that once one have the compassion to change the situation of another, he/she is moved to use alternative means to solve the problem without excuses.’

He noted that once this was done, God would come in with help in achieving the desired results.

Apostle Tetteh noted that ‘once we go through the processes of showing compassion, joy would be seen at the end for all.’

Source: Ghana News Agency

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