Ethiopia Building Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Response Capacity

Addis Ababa: Ethiopia is putting in place a system to improve emergency responses and disaster preparedness by using its own capacity, Commissioner of the Ethiopian Disaster Risk Management Commission, Shiferaw Teklemariam remarked.

The Commissioner told ENA the country has been establishing a system aimed at improving national capacity in disaster prevention, preparedness, and emergency response by utilizing its own resources in an effort to reduce its reliance on foreign aid.

The government is registering encouraging achievements to build self-reliance in disaster preparedness, response and recovery efforts, he added.

Productive safety net program is being implemented in the country to help citizens that require humanitarian and material support based on a survey conducted twice a year to get rid of vulnerability.

The commissioner emphasized that in order to empower citizens to help themselves, humanitarian organizations must step up efforts to assist initiatives aimed at realizing sustainable developme
nt instead of solely engaging in emergency aid.

Shiferaw pointed out that six regions including the Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa city administrations have already instituted a system that would enable them to provide humanitarian assistance by their own capacity.

Accordingly, Sidama, Harari, South West Ethiopia and Central Ethiopia regions became self-reliant in the provision of humanitarian aid to those who are in need of support in their respective regions.

He also pointed out the ongoing efforts to build the capacity of other regions to effectively respond to emergencies.

The Commissioner said humanitarian assistance is being delivered to conflict affected Tigray, Amhara and Afar regions.

Most of the citizens who were displaced due to man-made and natural disasters and located in various shelters have now been returned to their homes, he said, noting that the ongoing activities to repatriate the other displaced people and sustainably rehabilitate them.

According to Shiferaw, Ethiopia has been putting va
rious mechanisms in place to strengthen its fund and reserve capacity by enacting disaster risk management policy with a view to acquiring capabilities vital to prevent and control disasters.

To realize this goal, the country is in the process of establishing an institution that is capable of swiftly responding to natural and man-made disasters, he revealed, citing the ongoing activity to build reserve stocks vital during emergencies.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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