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Ethiopia Imports over 15 million Quintals of Fertilizer for Production Year

A total of 15.5 million quintals of fertilizer has been imported to the country this production year, according to Ministry of Agriculture.

Agriculture Minister Girma Amente said that 20 million quintals of fertilizer has been purchased in the year, and 15.5 million quintals transported into the country.

Stating that 100,000 quintals of fertilizer has been arriving daily, he revealed that 2 million quintals has at present reached the port of Djibouti.

The minister disclosed that digital purchasing of fertilizers that curbs corrupt practices and ensure adequate supply is introduced.

Activities to implement a digital system that manages the supply chain of fertilizers from Djibouti to the farmers has been underway, Girma stated.

He added that significant progress is also made in seed multiplication to enhance production and productivity by distributing improved varieties.

Wheat seed multiplication has, for instance, been carried out using irrigation, and high-quality maize seeds have been distributed to f

Seed multiplication of five crops that cover 87 percent of food requirement of the country is underway, the minister said.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency