Ghana’s Technical Officer Atsetu to officiate in an international tournament

Mr. Gabriel Atseku, one of Ghana’s leading Technical Officer in Badminton, has arrived in Uganda to officiate in the Seventh Para Badminton International tournament.

This marks a pivotal step in Atseku’s journey towards becoming an African Certified Umpire and eventually upgrading to the world level.

In a statement issued by Mr. Evans Yeboah President of the Ghana Badminton Federation (GBF) and copied to the GNA Sport, it said, ‘Atseku’s participation in the Para Badminton tournament in Uganda is not only a testament to his dedication and expertise, but also a crucial assessment towards his qualification as an African Certified Umpire’.

‘Atseku is the first and only Ghanaian to achieve this feat, which embodies the commitment and excellence that the GBF strives to promote among its officials in promoting them to officiate at the world level.’

Mr. Yeboah said, ‘we are incredibly proud of Atseku’s achievements and dedication to advancing his umpiring career’.

He said, Atseku participation in the tournament
was a significant milestone and the federation has confidence in his ability to excel and represent Ghana with distinction.

He added that, ‘Atseku’s involvement in the Para badminton tournament is a testament to his hard work and our commitment to fostering talent in our national pathway process, which the national federation follows’.

‘We are excited to see his growth and the positive impact he will continue to make in the sport.’

Dr Benjamen Baah Konadu, Events Director of the federation was dedicated to supporting and developing its technical officials through various training and certification programs.

He said Atseku’s journey was a shining example of the national opportunities available to those passionate about contributing to the sport at a high level.

He said, ‘investing in the development of our technical officials is crucial for the growth and integrity of badminton in Ghana’.

‘Atseku’s progress is a source of inspiration, and we encourage more individuals to pursue these rewarding opportunit

The Para badminton tournament in Uganda is an essential platform for officials to demonstrate their skills and gain the necessary experience for certification.

This event highlights the importance of technical proficiency and underscores the inclusivity and diversity within badminton.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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