MPS plants trees within Tema Port enclave

Meridian Port Services Limited (MPS) has participated in the national Green Ghana Project through the planting of 1002 in the Tema Port enclave to significantly contribute to the re-greening of the area.

The exercise is the second edition undertaken by the MPS with management and staff participating in planting 1001 trees in the area in 2023.

The exercise was joined by the Chief Executive Officer of MPS, Mr Mohammed Samara, together with staff of MPS, and supported by officials of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) and port stakeholders who planted coconut seedlings along the main harbour road.

Mr Samara said he considered the exercise an environmental responsibility that all within the port environment should commit to.

‘Once more, it’s the environment that we are in; I cannot isolate us from the rest of the environment; any responsible business must give back to the space that he took from the environment. A no-net loss is an ideology that we all should think of; if I take something from the
environment, I have to give her something back,’ he said.

Mr Daniel Asare, the Corporate Estate and Environment Manager at the GPHA, said the port authority would continue to associate itself with such good causes that serve the environment.

He said port authorities are now being called upon to adopt their operations as environmentally clean as possible, adding that tree planting has been one of the strategies that they use in checking their carbon footprints.

‘So, we are planting the tree to serve as a carbon sink to protect the port from environmental pollution because the port operation is full of environmental pollution issues,’ he said.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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