Resist all coercions into violence, Imam advises youth

Imam Yussif Abdulai Korley, the Imam for the Kasseh Central Mosque in Ada, has urged Moslem youth not to allow themselves to be coerced into indulging in violent activities in relation to the elections.

Imam Korley, who is also the Head of the Arabic Department of the Kasseh Islamic School, said violence was an abominable act in the presence of Allah and therefore urged the youth to use their time to learn vocations instead of engaging in violent activities.

‘If you are a youth, learn a skill or a trade, and you will never go hungry. People become frustrated and do so many unpleasant things just because they failed to involve themselves in skill training to get themselves their own work,’ he said.

Imam Korley made the statement in an interview with the Ghana News Agency during the celebration of Eid-ul Adha at Kasseh.

According to him, the Eid-ul Adha festivity was the enactment of Allah’s commandment to Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ismail for him, but God eventually provided a ram just when Ibrahim was a
bout to carry out the order.

The Imam charged all to protect each other’s property for peace and development during the elections instead of attacking each other.

‘Islam means peace, and it hurts my emotions when I hear that most people who indulge in robbery, violence, land guards, and other abominable activities are bearing Islamic names,’ he lamented.

Mr Yakubu Suleiman, the Public Relations Officer for the Muslim Community at Kasseh, entreated all Muslims to uphold the tenets of virtue to be remembered for a good cause after their demise.

He appealed to those who are well-to-do to help their unfortunate brothers in times of need but remember not to publicise it.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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