AMISOM Commander Sector II Visits Troops Deployed in Somalia

African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) Sector II Commander Brigadier Jeff Nyagah who is also the Contingent Commander of the Kenyan troops serving in Somalia under AMISOM visited the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) troops deployed in various Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) in Somalia.

In the two-day visit, Brigadier Nyagah visited troops based at Kolbiyow, Ras Kamboni, Kuday, Abdale Birole, New Airport, Old Airport and Sea Port FOBs. He commended the soldiers for their diligence to serve and resilience in ensuring there is sustainable peace in Somalia and in the region at large.

“We thank you for your service to humanity which is a service to God, your sacrifice in not in vain. Your efforts have highly contributed to spurring of socio-economic activities, which are critical in achieving peace. We remain committed to the AMISOM’s mandate and the peace process therein,” said Brigadier Nyagah while addressing soldiers at Ras Kamboni FOB.

Brigadier Nyagah urged the troops to remain extremely vigilant throughout their tour-of-duty so as deter and defeat emerging threats to security. Further he encouraged the troops to continue enhancing interoperability with Somali Security Forces as enshrined in the Somali Transition Plan.

The visit served as a morale booster to the troops it being an indicator of the KDF command appreciating the selfless efforts of the troops as they execute its mandate.

During the visit, Brigadier Nyagah paid a courtesy visit to Commander Sector VI Brigadier Abebaw Seid Yimer and the Command elements of United States Marines based at the New Airport, Kismayo.

Source: Somali National News Agency