Ethiopia Conducts Negotiations, Agreements to Strengthen Free Trade in Eastern Africa, Horn Region

The Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration disclosed that Ethiopia is conducting trade agreements and negotiations to strengthen the African free trade zone in eastern Africa and horn region.

In its foreign relations policy, Ethiopia has paid special attention to strengthening ties and cooperation with neighboring countries in infrastructure, trade and other sectors.

In the field of trade diplomacy, the country is carrying out many efforts by looking in to the systems and procedures that hinder the proper movements of people and goods.

International and Regional Trade Integration Executive Officer at the ministry, Muse Mindaye told ENA Ethiopia is actively working to reinforce its trade ties with East African countries.

The country is making various trade agreements and negotiations with countries in the Eastern Africa and the Horn region, he explained.

Moreover, Muse elaborated that efforts are also being made to cement business ties with Djibouti and Kenya by establishing a one-stop service system, harmonizing customs systems, and solving problems together.

At the same time, bilateral trade agreements and negotiations are being conducted to have a free trade zone with Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea and other countries, he added.

Ethiopia is working to take advantage of the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement by starting from the East African region.

He stressed the need to develop the bilateral trade agreements, being made among countries in the continent, in to the East African Free Trade Zone system.

Undersecretary for Planning at the Ministry of Planning and Finance in South Sudan, Angelo Deng said that his country is working to strengthen the relationship by implementing trade agreements with Ethiopia.

He stated that discussions are being held to build a road infrastructure that will create favorable conditions for business activities and connect the two countries.

“We have been engaging in the negotiations with the government of Ethiopia on the construction of some roads between South Sudan and Ethiopia. We hope that the project can be finalize, so that we can see the two sisterly countries benefit from the economic integration,” he elaborated.

The continental and regional economic integration will benefit the people at the highest level, he said, adding South Sudan is committed to achieving the projects that have been started at the moment.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency