EU Confirms Support for Lasting Peace in Ethiopia

The European Union (EU) has confirmed its commitment to support Ethiopia for lasting peace in the country.

In his press briefing he gave today, EU Head of Delegation to Ethiopia Ambassador, Roland Kobia talked about prospects of Ethiopia and EU.

It is to be recalled that Ethiopia welcomed EU Council’s conclusions on Ethiopia issued on April 24, 2023.

EU reiterated, among others, its readiness to re-launch its regular Multi-Annual Indicative Program, its strong encouragement of the International Financial Institutions to assist Ethiopia in its economic stabilization and reform agenda, and its call on creditor countries to swiftly conclude the debt restructuring process through the Common Framework.

EU’s conclusion is highly anticipated to open a new chapter in the two sides’ relationship as Ethiopia is a key strategic partner for the EU in the Horn of Africa and Red Sea, which the EU stands ready to support the progress on the path towards lasting peace.

The EU head underscored that Ethiopia is a key strategic partner for the Union for its geographical importance in the Horn of Africa.

Reminding that the relationship between Ethiopia and Europe Union had faced some diplomatic odds due to the conflict in northern Ethiopia, the ambassador said that EU is working hard now to normalize the relation in all spheres.

“The EU will progressively normalize relations with Ethiopia and return to a full and strengthened strategic engagement with the country accompanied with a solid political and policy dialogue, “he said.

Ambassador Roland also reaffirmed the commitment of the European Union to deepen its relationship in trade, investment, peace and security and many other areas.

EU development cooperation portfolio in Africa is one of the largest in the world with 715 million Euro for the period 2014 to 2020, he pointed out, pledging to enhance the cooperation in this regard.

He added EU will also support Ethiopia’s endeavor to create a conducive investment climate for foreign and domestic companies.

The EU head also welcomed the green paper on the Transitional Justice.

The EU also welcomes the recently improved humanitarian access to the majority of the conflict-affected areas in the northern Ethiopia, it was learned.

The EU encourages the government of Ethiopia to continue taking concrete steps in advancing peace and development, he stated

Source: Ethiopian News Agency