Ghana Muslim Ladies Association calls for peaceful election

Hajia Alisatu Wandaogo, the President of the Ghana Muslim Ladies Association, has called on politicians to uphold the principles of peace and unity in their political activities towards the 2024 election.

She said the stability of the country was paramount to achieving national cohesion and development, therefore, political actors must act in the supreme interest of peace and tranquility.

Hajia Wandaogo, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Friday, said Ghanaians should always consider their common destiny and ‘unite to build the better Ghana we are all yearning for.’

In the spirit of peace, electorates should understand that there was only one Ghana, and that elections were meant to choose leaders but not to create disunity.

‘Elections must not become an avenue for conflict and bloodshed, rather comportment and civility must be the guiding principles in our support and campaign.’

She urged stakeholders in the election to remain fair and neutral to ensure a violent-free process and call
ed on women to avail themselves for parliamentary positions to increase the female to male ration in Parliament.

Hajia Wandaogo appealed to Muslims to eschew all forms of divisiveness that had the potential to destroy the unity and cohesion of the country.

‘Muslims must inculcate in themselves the spirit of sacrifice, fellow feeling, commitment to ethical living, love of family and nation and above all God-consciousness,’ she said and that they should not abandon those values after the month of Ramadan.

‘These are the same values every nation needs to develop. Let us make the spirit of togetherness a national project as a nation with one destiny.’

Source: Ghana News Agency