GOIL targets eight trophies at 2023 PETFUN games

GOIL Company PLC, the nation’s foremost indigenous oil marketing company, has set a target to win eight out of the eleven trophies at the 2023 Petroleum Fun Games (PETFUN 2023) being organized by the Association of Oil Marketing Companies (AOMC).

‘We are going to extend our dominance from the operational level to the field; we have set in motion our strategic plan not just to compete at the games but to annex most of the trophies,’ Mr. Robert Kyere, GOIL Public Relations Manager, told the Ghana News Agency Tema Regional Sports Desk in an interview.

The various events for PETFUN 2023 include swimming, Sack race, Tug of War, Draft, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Lime and Spoon, Playing Cards, Chewing of Apple, Ludo, and Football.

According to Mr. Kyere, PETFUN is firmly pinned on the corporate calendar of events for the company, which shows that ‘we don’t take things for granted at all’.

Tema Fuel Company (TFC) has also disclosed to the Ghana News Agency Tema Regional Sports Desk that, ‘our target is five trophies for this year, we are storming the Armed Forces Sports Complex, Burma Camp, on August 26th, with a solid squad to capture others.

Ms. Petrina Nyann, TFC Human Resources Manager, told the Ghana News Agency Tema Regional Sports Desk that, as a bulk storage terminal that provides excellent storage and distribution solutions for the petroleum downstream sector, we are entering the field with the experience and capacity to overcome.

Ms. Nyann noted that even on the field of fun games, ‘we assure our customers that our storage facility has been built to satisfy their requirements in this demanding industry, which shows that we are ready to take any team on and defeat them’.

‘Our target is a modest five trophies; we are not going to joke there; we are from Tema, and we are storming the Armed Forces Sports Complex with vigour,’ Ms. Nyann stated.

Other teams participating in the 2023 PETFUN include Oil Space Ghana, Trade-Cross, Sawadigo Oil Company, Aegis and Huille Company, Benab Oil Company, National Petroleum Authority, Cirrus Oil Services, Trinity Oil Company, GAB Energy, Vivo Energy Ghana, JO and JU Oil Company, and ZEN Petroleum.

Others are Desert Oil Ghana, GRID Petroleum Ghana, Frontier Oil Ghana, Kabore Oil, Strategic Energies, Engen Ghana, R and P Oil Company, ICON Energy, TEL Energy, Star Oil Company, and HUSS Petroleum.

The rest are Superior Oil Company, JP Trustees, Radiance Petroleum, Petro Sankofa, Fuel Trade, Petronax Energy, Frimps Oil Company, Petrosol Ghana, and IBM Petroleum.

Ghana News Agency’s Tema Regional Sports Desk’s observation at the various camps shows that as time passes quicker and faster, tension between the various teams keeps building. However, each team is convinced of one thing: their strategy for winning the trophy at the conclusion of the competition.

The barometer of PETFUN 2023 gathers momentum as the day approaches with the emergence of five strong camps.

The five camps are: Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs); Liquefied Petroleum Gas Marketing Companies (LPGMCs); Bulk Import, Distributing, and Export Companies (BIDECs); Tank Farms; and the National Petroleum Authority (NPA).

Mr. Tizard Ansah, Head of Compliance at AOMC and Coordinator of PETFUN 2023, told the Ghana News Agency’s Tema Regional Sports Desk that the fun games have attracted the largest patronage; ‘we have almost 50 teams participating in all the field events’.

He said PETFUN 2023 will kick off on Saturday, August 26, from 06:15 to 17:00 at the prestigious Armed Forces Sports Complex in Burma Camp.

Source: Ghana News Agency