Hirshabelle State President says Beledweyn town has been overflooded

The President of Hirshabelle State of Somalia, H.E Ali Gudlawe Hussein said that the Shabelle River has overflooded the whole of Beledweyn town in Hiiraan region and most of the residents fled with their lives and other who are stranded are being evacuated by the Somali National Army.

‘All of Beledweyn town has been overflooded by the Shabelle River, the residents have been displaced and there are others who are stranded in some area, and we are working on their emergency evacuation’, President Gudlawe said in a tweet post.

For the third day in a row, rescue operations are ongoing in Beledweyn town of Hiiraan region, Somalia. The National Armed Forces have evacuated many residents from neighborhoods that have been isolated due to flooding.

Moderate to heavy rains are expected in the northeast regions and there is a risk of flooding, Somali Water and Land Information Management under Food and Agricultural Organization (FAOSWALIM) warns and informs the residents and the government about the situation. The Shabelle River burst its banks at Beledweyn of the Hiiraan region on 10 May leading to widespread flooding.

Source: Somali National News Agency