Israel’s Gallant, US national security adviser discuss Gaza war

Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant met with US National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan in Tel Aviv on Monday to discuss the Gaza war, amid calls from Washington to link military operations in the Gaza Strip to a political strategy.

Israeli Chief of Defence Staff Herzi Halevi was also present at the meeting.

Gallant’s office said he had briefed Sullivan ‘on developments in the war against the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza, as well as the various efforts made to ensure the return of 128 hostages held by Hamas.’

Gallant and other Israeli representatives also presented humanitarian aid plans for the population of the Gaza Strip. ‘This includes significant efforts to evacuate the civilian population in Rafah, facilitating the provision of humanitarian services, and operating in a precise manner to avoid harm to uninvolved civilians,’ the statement said.

International aid organizations have repeatedly warned of hunger in the Gaza Strip and have sharply criticized the high number of civilian casualties

Gallant emphasized that Israel had a ‘moral obligation’ to dismantle Hamas’ governmental and military capabilities and to ensure the return of the hostages.

The minister also reaffirmed the close relationship between Israel and the US and the importance of ‘presenting a united front against common enemies.’

In this context, both sides spoke about ‘Iranian aggression and proxy terrorism.’

The tensions on Israel’s border with Lebanon were also discussed. Gallant accused the Lebanese Hezbollah militia of refusing to reach a diplomatic agreement on the withdrawal of its fighters from the border area, risking ‘a significant escalation.’

In previous talks in Israel, Sullivan had made it clear that the US continues to reject a large-scale offensive in Gaza’s southernmost city of Rafah. Sullivan also spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog in Jerusalem. According to the White House, Sullivan showed understanding for Israel’s efforts to locate Hamas leaders in the Gaza St

Source: Ghana News Agency