Laboma Beach, the reveller’s preferred destination in Accra

Accra, The sea waves beckoned as revellers thronged the Laboma Beach Resort to cool off and pass time with family and loved ones.

Many have found this seaside space nestled between the Teshie Shooting Range and the Kpeshie Lagoon, the preferred destination for recreation.

People from all walks of life and various age groups excitedly make their way to the facility everyday, with some walking leisurely, holding hands and chit-chatting, whilst others rushed into the sands to secure a strategic location to relax.

Family, friends and the wider community come together to share in the celebration of public and religious festivals and even life as they renew bonds wrapped around food, drinks, horse riding, swimming and games.

The Beach is one of the cleanest in the country despite the crowds that patronize it.

With almost zero rubbish seen along the shores, the clean and clear sea water has the luxury to sparkle in the warm sun rays in the afternoons.

Le Shrine Executive Club is one of the clubs at the Beach. It was opened recently and has quite an unusual allure.

Weaved on modern and traditional concepts, local artefacts adorn its walls with bright colours to match as the Disc Jockey’s repertoire and glitz recreate a dancer’s paradise.

It provides the interface between the sunlit open sandy beach and the pristine grass draped moulds along the Accra-Tema Beach road.

Various local artisans positioned outside its walls display their wares, ranging from handmade beads, woven bags and baskets, African print dresses in various designs and other handmade products.

Mr Gabby Kiss, a Disc Jockey (DJ) at Le Shrine Executive Club, told GNA that Beach is mostly busy in the evening and on holidays.

‘The patronage is quite high on holidays but I’m expecting more people to troop in. There are alot of local foods and drinks to enjoy as well as artefacts to buy. I’m encouraging everyone to visit Laboma and have a view of the wide variety the Beach Resort is made up of,’ he added.

As the sun began setting, a crowd of revellers was surging onto the beach to live the night.

From afar, bright and dainty lights litter the beach as the sea turn dark with waves, rumbling, bidding some farewell and welcoming those wishing to spend the night away on this beautiful beach.

Source: Ghana News Agency