New-Generation Intelligent Pickup Truck, GWM POER Wins Praise from Media

BAODING, China, June 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the test drive event for several GWM models was held in Australia, New Zealand and other places of the world, which attracted many off-road enthusiasts to show on the spot. GWM POER has a good reputation among the many professionals and authoritative media due to its stunning exterior design, excellent and smooth powertrain system and outstanding intelligent technology.

After this test drive, Carsales, an authoritative Australian media, praised GWM POER on the aspects of modern appearance, versatile Driver Assistance System and industry-leading remote airbag, adding that this model was given a five-star safety rating from ANCAP, an independent safety agency, according to the new standards in 2021. Wheels appraised GWM POER as a perfect choice for pickup truck fans with its outstanding off-road performance, luxurious and exquisite interior design, and high cost performance. According to Motoring, the GWM POER pickup truck developed and designed based on GWM’s latest platform has overturned the traditional image paradigm of double-row multifunctional pickup trucks and excels in appearance, safety, comfort and performance, offering an irresistible appeal to Australian consumers.

As World's New-Generation Intelligent Pickup Truck, GWM POER Wins Highly Praised from Media

The reason why GWM POER has been recognized so many times is that there is precise research on user experience. GWM POER, as a world-class product built by integrating GWM’s top resources around the globe, not only has a high loading capacity, but also features a new intelligent design. This model has a perfect configuration to meet whatever demand owners have. The vehicle body size is so desirable that owners can bring their tents, motorboats and bicycles while going out for fun. The super-large cabin allows owners to stretch out at will during the long journey, whereas the soft leather seats offer extreme comfort. The SUV-grade NVH, comparable to luxury brands, gives owners a chance to enjoy the music or talk freely, without the need to worry about the noise outside the cabin when driving in busy cities. Equipped with the 2.0T+8AT golden powertrain combination and four all-terrain driving modes (standard/commerce/sports/4L), GWM POER is competent enough for owners to drive on muddy gravel roads for camping, or gallop through deserts for adventure. Additionally, the use of voice control, L2 level automatic driving, 360 Around View Monitor and other intelligent technologies enables owners to experience a new way of intelligent travel, unlocking more scenarios for driving pickup trucks in daily life.

The outstanding product strength has laid a solid foundation for GWM POER’s globalization. In the future, increased investment will be put into the research and development of GWM POER. With an aim to be a pickup truck satisfying customers, GWM POER will continue to bring global consumers a higher-quality travel experience, making Chinese pickup trucks popular around the world.

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