Qatar National Library donates more than 4,000 books to the Somali National Library

Mogadishu(SONNA)-Qatar National Library donated more than 4,000 books in various fields of knowledge, culture and scientific research to the Somali National Library, and this comes within the framework of cooperation between the two countries in the educational and cultural fields. Officials of the Government of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

His Excellency Mr. Osman Abu Bakr Dubai, Minister of Information and Tourism of Somalia, in his speech thanked the government and people of the State of Qatar for their generous support, stressing that Somalia is grateful for the permanent and fraternal support from the State of Qatar, noting that books are among the most precious gifts, and that whoever gave you a book has contributed to Increase your knowledge and culture.

In turn, His Excellency Mr. Abdullah Abu Bakr Haji, the Somali Minister of Education, Culture and Higher Education, thanked the government and the State of Qatar for the continuous support of Somalia and the dedication of more than 4,000 books from Qatar National Library to the Somali National Library, pointing out that Qatar’s giving is not strange because it is a pioneer in Providing support to Somalia, adding that the State of Qatar has previously funded a number of humanitarian and infrastructure projects, such as the Mogadishu-Afgoye road, in addition to the construction of some government headquarters.

In his speech, Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Sheil, Director of the Somali National Library, said that the books donated by Qatar National Library are of scientific value and help enrich the National Library with reference books, indicating that this is the beginning of the relationship between the two libraries in exchanging experiences and archaeological materials, and thanks the government and people The State of Qatar for their efforts in supporting Somalia and standing by it in difficult times.

For his part, HE Qatar’s Ambassador to Somalia, Hassan bin Hamza Hashem, said in his speech that the Qatar National Library’s donation of 4,000 books to the Somali National Library comes within the framework of cooperation between the two countries in the fields of education, culture and scientific research, and comes within the framework of continuous support.

To the brothers from the State of Qatar to their brothers in the Republic of Somalia, in support of stability and progress, and to achieve the mission of Qatar Library in preserving heritage and creating a reliable information environment, because it aspires to be one of the world’s distinguished centers in the fields of learning, research and culture, adding that these achievements could not have Had it not been for the depth of the strong fraternal relations under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the country, and His Excellency the Somali President, Mohamed Abdullah Farmajo, as well as between the peoples of the two countries.

The record of handing over books to the Somali side was signed, as the State of Qatar was represented by the country’s ambassador to Somalia, and the Federal Republic of Somalia was represented by the Director of the National Library.

Source: Somali National News Agency