Sawt Al-Hikma-OIC: “Islamophobia” is enshrined into some EU laws

Sawt Al-Hikma (Voice of Wisdom) Center of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation called on EU legislators not to be under the influence of Islamophobia and its racist ideology when drafting laws and legislation aimed at combating terrorism and extremism.

In a statement, the center condemned some of the laws that were passed in Europe over the past few years, which dealt with Muslims, the center stated, as if they were a danger to Europe and its values, which may undesirably have an impact on the lives of 25 million Muslims living in Europe and constituting approximately 5% of the population. These laws, according to the center, confused security demands with what is cultural.

Sawt Al-Hikma Center stated that some EU entities demonstrated a tendency to pass laws that would bring about fundamental changes in European Muslims’ identity and culture, claiming that this culture is the reason behind the growth of extremist ideology, which the Center considered an explicit violation of European values based on respect for human rights and freedom of belief and expression. The center added that true Islam calls for coexistence, peace, security, acceptance of others and compassion, and rejects terrorism, extremism and intemperance.

The center explained that some of these laws deprive Muslims of receiving proper religious education, put them under constant surveillance, especially when practicing their rituals, and force Muslim women to a certain lifestyle that they may deem to be against their beliefs. Furthermore, these laws insist on ignoring Islamic law, even in Muslims’ personal status issues.

The center called on lawmakers to refrain from adopting or implementing the unilateral view in assessing matters, and remember that extremism in Europe is not limited to some followers of Islam, but is adopted by many others who find no suitable laws to deter them, especially the far-right groups. The center warned that any laws targeting Muslims in the future will turn into a pretext for spreading hatred and racism.

Source: Somali National News Agency