Starlink expresses interest in operating in Somalia

After a recent online meeting between the National Communications Authority (NCA) and Starlink, the satellite internet company has expressed its interest in becoming a licensed operator in Somalia.

The meeting was attended by the Manager of the National Telecommunications Agency, Mustafa Yasin Sheikh, and the head of the International License and Market Dynamics of SpaceX Company.

During the meeting, Starlink presented their internet system, which has already been successfully operated in more than 53 countries.

The head of Global Licensing and Market Dynamics at SpaceX spoke at the meeting, stating ‘We are happy to explain how our system works, what we can bring to Somalia if we get permission from the agency, and we will also cooperate with telecommunication companies and internet providers that operate in Somalia.’

Mustafa welcomed Starlink’s interest in operating in Somalia but emphasized that ‘First of all, Starlink must meet the required licensing requirements and go through the agency’s licensing process. The agency will evaluate Starlink’s bid and the service plan they want to implement in the country.’

Starlink is a satellite internet company operated by SpaceX and established in 2002. Their service has the potential to increase the number of people who use the internet in Somalia, especially in remote areas where there is currently no internet service.

Source: Somali National News Agency