Stregthening Social Virtues Vital to Ethiopia’s Peace Building, Development Efforts, Says Ministry of Peace

Strengthening Ethiopia’s social virtues is essential for the peacebuilding and development efforts of the country, the State Minister of Peace, Taye Denda, said.

Taye made the remark at a discussion forum the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) co-organized in Hawassa city with the Ministry of Peace and Hawassa University under the theme: ‘National Values for Building a Strong Nation’.

Consolidating nation building effort is one of the major duties and missions entrusted to the ministry, Taye said.

According to him, citizens who are nurtured with virtues and positive mindset will strive to build a nation on a strong basis; and on the contrary, if the virtues of citizens are eroded, the nation building efforts will be hindered.

Ethiopia has immense societal values, Taye said and called for hard work to protect such values from eroding.

Taye expressed his belief that it is as a result of such strong values that Ethiopia has been able to persevere itself through the severe challenges of its history.

“Therefore, for sustainable peace and development to prevail, for cementing strong bonds among people, for justice and good governance to be strengthened, good virtues need to be properly identified and instilled in the future generation,” he said.

Hawassa University’s Vice President of Administration and Development, Samuel Jilo on his part said that the university has been providing training to youth volunteers on peace issues in cooperation with the Ministry of Peace and other institutions.

He pointed out that the university will play its part through research and development to preserve social values that are cornerstone for peace.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency